First We Take Manhattan, Then We Take Berlin (New York City, USA)

Written 26 January 2009.

Greetings from the corner of Broom and Lafayette, Soho, Manhattan Island, New York City, New York State (one block from where Heath Ledger took his last sleeping pill (I have photos!).

Flowers adorn the footpath outside the apartment Heath Ledger died in.

Things here are good, but very cold. I proudly wore my jacket open today so that people could see my Socceroos jersey. As a result, I think I’ve got pneumonia.

I had a very economical day today, taking the free Staten Island Ferry (SI is a hole), and then seeing a taping of Letterman, the episode of which should air tonight on Channel 10.

Not much else to report — everything’s going well. I worked out this is longest time I’ve ever spent away from any established friends or family, so I’ve had to make do with finding the friend within. The only childs reading this, of which there are only two, will know all about this.

I went to Nevada Smiths yesterday to watch the FA Cup and it had a shrine to Sir Alex Ferguson. Here are a couple of comments I overheard:

“I hope Wenger brings Adebayor in soon.”

[Describing Everton and Liverpool’s 1-1 draw] “It’s a tie, so they’ll have to play a make up.”

“Gibbs really rushed the ball well then.” [He dribbled the ball about 10 yards and then lost it to a Cardiff player]

The San Fran crowd were a lot more football savvy, but then, they do live closer to Sir David of Beckham.

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