How Are Things On The West Coast…? (San Francisco, USA)

Written 16 January 2009.

The internet terminal where I’m staying only takes hour deposits, so to kill 15 minutes, here is a brief update…

The mystery of long flights is over for me now – they are awful. I spent most of the time listening to music at the back, while doing stretches, mostly to avoid getting deep vein thrombosis. Arrived at LAX and who did I run into? None other than Aussie rock God Jimmy Barnes.

Spoke to Barnesy for a while and discovered he was on the same flight up to San Fran. Plane was held over so we gibbered for a bit. The guy that plays bass in his band was wearing an Aussie Kangaroos jersey, with the number 7 (for Andrew Johns, not Brett Kimmorley, he assured me).

Got to San Fran and took a train to Powell, which is their version of Town Hall/Wynyard Station. A homeless person accosted me, asking me where I was staying in exchange for money for him to spend on crack, or crank, and I was so afraid he’d kill me that I gave him a dollar and followed his instructions, which took me straight to the hotel. Thank you meth amphetamines!

I went to Berkeley today, which is amazing. P, you have to see the photos of California Memorial Stadium. It’s got 80,000 seats in a coliseum-like structure and its right next to the uni.

California Memorial Stadium at Berkeley.

Imagine having that instead of that gay hangout pool next to Sydney uni. There was no game on so we just walked down to the playing surface and threw a lacrosse ball around. They also have a great rugby field, with grass lusher than a Dr Dre party.

I took great pleasure explaining to a freshman from Arizona why league is better than union.

Beer is really cheap and I’ve had a bit tonight at in Berkeley city proper. Off to watch Arsenal tomorrow with the SF Arsenal Supporters Club.

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