Waiting For The Siren’s Call (Paris, France)

Written 7 February 2009.


I’m in Paris for this, the last email from my travels. It’s only now I realise just how boring these emails are; that is, ones from people overseas. So very boring.

I broke all the rules for tourism in Paris, visiting Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame and the Louvre. I also walked the Seine (pronounced ‘sen’) from the tower all the way to the Bastille. Note to future travellers: the Bastille is just a cement tower, it’s no longer a prison, so don’t embarrass yourself like I did trying to say ‘where is it?’ in rubbish French.

You have no idea how long it takes to write this much ona French keyboard, which is surprisingly different from a normal one. Normal = English.

So very, very boring.

Bon soir

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