Werewolves Of London (London, United Kingdom)

Written 2 February 2009.

Greetings all from the snowiest place in the world, London!

The snow is going down quicker than a chav on a footballer and it’s the most beautful thing I’ve ever seen. Well, second to when I saw that chav go down on a footballer. Being a Sydney lad, I had no real idea what it meant for there to be snowfall, but tonight, the snow is covering London in a 10cm deep powder that is truly spectacular. For the first time in my 27 years I feel second to nature – not to God, however, I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable physics explanation for this; can one of the Ms explain it to me?

Aside from the snow, and that is a big aside, which you’ll understand when I get the photos off my camera, this is a great city, easily the best city in the world that’s not Sydney. Before I give a briefish roundup, let me introduce the Werewolves of London:

B Lone Wolf
Wolfgang Ambulance Mozart
Wolfram S
J Lupine
S (Peter and the Wolf)

Yesterday, S, B and I went out to Craven Cottage to watch Fulham win 20 quid for the punters’ club. We was sitting in the second row back and got to meet David Nugent, Tony Adams (the only person to captain three premiership winning teams in three different decades; all for the Arsenal) and Billy the Badger.

After that, we went to a pub in Finchley to watch Man Utd v Everton. Met up there with R and C and went back to R’s for poker and pizza. It was at this point that the Werewolves were joined by a special guest: none other than M. It was a brief cameo, enough only to discuss a future meeting within the next 24 months, but it counts nonetheless.

Today, B and I did a bridge tour of London, which is a cost-effective way to see London (money is very important now, with the exchange rate effectively meaning that a week’s pay in Syndey is worth a few pints here in London). We then met up with S and R to watch Liverpool v Chelsea and then onto a pub to have a traditional Sunday roast.

It was at this pub that two amusing things happened:

a) It started snowing like old Mr W’s dandruff (school joke); and
b) I realised that we were in a gay pub.

I told S and B this latter point and they both looked at me like I was still on New York time. Regardless, I was still able to put my dubious charisma to work to get us into a VIP English nightclub this Wednesday night. Expect an amusing anecdote come Thursday. Also, Tuesday’s the big day, when I take on around 10,000 Welsh mingers when the Arsenal take on Cardiff in the FA Cup Fourth Round Replay. Expect cowardice.

(CP: Due to the snow discussed in this email, that game was postponed, and ‘Wolfgang’ did not see the Arsenal on this visit.)

It’s Only Natural (Crowded House): The Queens #1 Pub in Camden. (CP: See Overseas Song Watch (New York City, United States))

Congrats to D and C and P and K.


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