This Week Is Trivia Week, Part III

Written 16 September 2004.

Wednesday 6:00PM Trumps Tavern, Sydney CBD

The Trumps Tavern trivia night is an amalgam of low-brow questions, easy questions that are described as hard and hard questions that are just guesses. I’m not a huge fan of the host, G, because he once made a mistake that cost my team victory at Trumps, plus I think he’s partially retarded, but he does manage to ask some moderately good questions. An example from tonight was having the contestants name four world capitals that ended in the letter ‘i’. Good work, chin up — I’m sure not everyone else thinks epsilon semi-morons should be gassed to save resources.

The format is two rounds: the first has 20 questions and the second has 25 questions. In the middle of the first round G asked a “Who am I Question?” for a free drink. In the second round the contestants perform the standard head and tails game for the drink. Unfortunately I was unable to get either of these correct. Between the two rounds G has contestants complete a task, with the prize being four free drinks vouchers.

Tonight’s task was to write down as many films as you can name that starred Jim Carrey. Although I wrote Batman and Robin instead of Batman Forever, our team still managed to stay one ahead of the pack and we took home the free drinks.

What’s that you write about team?

Yes, tonight I was joined by J of Russellea, S of Surrey Hills, G of Compton and Mary Donaldson of Copenhagen. We were a motley crew, but despite us being the most attractive an well dressed team at the venue we still only managed to come 4th of 12 after losing the third-place playoff.

The jackpot at Trumps requires contestants to cheap in $2 per person at each table. I would take umbrage normally had having to fund the jackpot but seeing as I somehow managed to drink booze all night and have a savoury meal for only $0.80 I didn’t seem to mind.

The answer to the jackpot is always a year of the Twentieth Century and the question is always stupid. Suffice to say no team won it.

Although I’m sure G has a contagious disease and sleeps with rabbits I for some reason keep going back to Trumps.

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