This Week Is Trivia Week, Part I

Written 14 September 2004.

Monday 7:00PM Union Hotel, Crows Nest

This was the first time I had been to this trivia night and I was obviously apprehensive. One never knows how professionally the questions will be written and presented and how good the format will be. It’s very much an experience without research process for me. I like to go into new trivia nights fresh and just judge everything I see and hear without any prior influences.

The format was two rounds of 20 questions and a 3-question jackpot. It was a trivia company running the night which usually means there is a proven formula to the night. This generally leads to an average though acceptable night. Unfortunately the company running tonight’s event was not as thorough as the big ones (Fame, for example) and I found myself irritated at some of the more clichéd questions.

The event was segmented with a number of mini-rounds that featured beer vouchers as the prize. The first was a worksheet with two band members from famous musical groups named – the player’s job was to identify the band.

Although I liked the prospect of this and ultimately filled out 13 of the 15 correctly, the task sheet was a race and I was beaten to the prize by other patrons who had more people on their table and were not distracted by the host continuing to ask the regular questions while I was trying to fill out  the sheet.

A better trivia night would have used the task sheet during the  break for marking and then either added the score to the total mark or awarded the voucher to the team with the highest score with completion speed not being a factor. That said, I’m sure less professional and more recreational trivia players appreciated the race aspect of the task as it gave members of large teams something to do while the penman wrote down the name of which countries in the world start with ‘a’ but don’t end in ‘a’.

The other mini-rounds were the regulation lyrics, heads or tails and actors playing the same character. I managed to win two beer vouchers on these, knowing which song begins with “it’s all the same” and knowing that the actors listed all played Blofeld.

Winning these provided me with a walk of glory as the lone player winds their way through the chicane of crowded tables to pick up their prize to the congratulations of the astounded host. I always enjoy that.

The jackpot was three questions I felt I should the answer to but got none. Unfortunately the host didn’t read through every team’s jackpot answers in turn to build up the suspense so I don’t know how any other team went with this. No team won it.

I finished 14th of 22. A poor result and I left very disappointed with myself. I am used to finishing in the places at PJ’s in Canberra and this was certainly a come-down. I verily believe that I was the best trivia player there but with many teams carrying upwards of eight players I was always going to struggle to make the top spots.

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(CP: The answer to the song lyric question was Dead Or Alive by Bon Jovi.)

(CP: This Week Is Trivia Week, Part II is still be uncovered.)

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