Track By Track Review of Random Access Memories (Daft Punk)

Song titles are in bold.

Give Life Back To Music is upbeat and fun but just when you want Billy Ocean to start singing, it’s repetitive autotune.

After a painfully slow fade out, we move to the Chicane-esque The Game of Love. Sounds like Sade singing through a mechanical larynx.

Giorgio by Moroder is a 9-minute disco number with a spoken word intro by the beloved German producer. Genuine foot-tapper.

A pleasant piano opening on Within recalls Antony Hegarty but this is lost when C3PO singing platitudes is overlayed. Is Within a sci-fi call for help from within the computer’s CPU? Does that AI within seek love the way the user does. Ironic online dating?

We flip over the record to the Williams triptych. Lose Yourself To Dance is an instantly forgettable track reminiscent of a JT album track.

Touch is a transitive disco crossover w/ vocals by Paul Williams, he of The Love Boat theme and Rainbow Connection fame. Thought-provoking. Touch is on the wrong side of 8 minutes and has several movements, including a crescendo choral closing harnessing a tasteful thickness.

Everyone knows Get Lucky: one of those catchy tracks you love for two weeks before being sick of, like Tubthumping or any song by Steps.

Beyond is the Daftiest Punk song thus far, losing any of the frenetic singalongability of its forebears. An ode to sempiternity. Haunting.

Motherboard is conventional amb-trance w/ interludes of string and woodwind; would make for a good Puck leitmotif in a po-mo AMND production.

Hidden at Track 11 is the wonderful Fragments of Time. Todd Edwards sings of adolescent fumblings and the comfort of tactile recollection.

A boring synth-vocals refrain is interspersed with Panda Bear’s clap-happy staccato on the penultimate Doin’ It Right. Good song.

Random Access Memories closes on Contact; an X-Filey, UFO spotting, organ driven, stadium number that fuses disco, Mark Snow and REO.

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