Unit – Regurgitator (1997); Track-by-Track review

Unit by Regurgitator


BRISBANE, 1998: It was a curious time. After years of apathy, we all suddenly cared about alternative Australian music.

Jebediah left home, Spiderbait bought a pony, the Whitlams provided no aphrodisiac and even Adelaide had the Superjesus…

But one band emerged from the indy crowd to capture the zeitgeist and entertain the mainstream for about 10 minutes…

Filthy lyrics, Tron, Japcore and catchy melodies conflate to create and regurgitate the intricate…

Unit by Regurgitator
Unit by Regurgitator with Brisbane, gaming and technology themed novels.

(song titles in caps)

Imagine Erasure being digested by Tron and then hiccoughing and I LIKE YOUR OLD STUFF BETTER THAN YOUR NEW STUFF. Grinding guitars recall Creep.

The surprise radio hit EVERYDAY FORMULA overlays overproduced lyrics on underproduced punk styles; the result is anything but formulaic.

Hipsterism began the day ! (THE SONG FORMERLY KNOWN AS) was conceived. Drips with irony, rocks with flexibility and scratches with alacrity.

Standout track BLACK BUGS is 3 pure minutes of NES-inspired, disco biscuit fuelled introspection. Hear the porous gamers sweat and cheer.

THE WORLD OF SLEAZE paints a vulgar picture of the record industry like a slower, uglier, funnier Buy Me A Pony. Don’t sing along on the bus.

I PISS ALONE is a silly little fast rock net of distortion, repetition and mindless screaming. Unnecessary.

Title track UNIT is the musical manifestation of watching the Teletubbies while on acid.

Groove Armada rap stylings and pop culture references live in I WILL LICK YOUR ARSEHOLE. LL Cool J might somehow still be around but Irene Cara is very dated.

The most conventional component of the Unit is MODERN LIFE, a fabulous verse-chorus-bridge song that could be Matchbox 20 on steroids.

Australia went wild for the POLYESTER GIRL. Autotune musings on a post-cosmetic Prometheus seems so passe. Must be about Courtney Love.

Colour me conservative but 1 2 3 4 is simply mindless shouting without any artistic merit and hints at the ill-fated followup titled …Art.

MR T is 70s style electro-rock cracklepop that sounds like it was played on one of those double axe guitars that Cheap Trick employed.

Terrific instrumentation, including what sounds like a French Horn, adorn the sceptical JUST ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL STORY – but is it really?

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