About A Boy OST – Badly Drawn Boy (2002); Track-by-Track review

About A Boy


It’s the musical tale of one boy’s journey to a US TV remake…

Somewhere between Divine Brown and Skins, Hugh Grant and Nicholas Hoult collided together in the a heartfunning coming of age…

Hugh plays Will, a recalcitrant playboy with each hair carefully disarrayed. Nicholas is Marcus, a bookish nerd like you and me…

And while the soundtrack to the book was by Nirvana and the new TV show by Jason Mraz, it fell to a Badly Drawn Boy to set the score…

It’s the original soundtrack to one of my favourite films of all time…

About A Boy
About A Boy OST with a lot of Arsenal and Hornby paraphernalia.

(Badly Drawn Boy composed both lyrical and instrumental tracks for the About A Boy OST; I will be skimming over the non-vocal compositions.)

(song titles in caps)

EXIT STAGE RIGHT is 21 seconds of ‘music’. Really, what more can I say?

African drum beats and is that a trombone? Sometimes musical opposites form a bond just like people, and when they do it’s A PEAK YOU REACH.

Perfect folk accompaniment to a day at the zoo, an episode of Blockbusters or a terrible bullying incident: SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT indeed.

DEAD DUCK is a shrill instrumental that sets the scene for one of the more emotional scenes in the film.

String section, brass and woodwind get busy as BDB muses on the nature of acceptance in the allegrissimo-style ABOVE YOU, BELOW ME.

All night partying and scant regard give way to sober reflection on the much valued, gentle instrumental I LOVE NYE.

SILENT SIGHs can often be ignored but not this standout song with a full-bodied ear feel that is rare in folk music. Triangular spectacular!

WET WET WET was a popular band from the early 1990s.

Vocal harmony of RIVER SEA OCEAN, with modulating tones to represent travel and distance play nicely on Jon Brion’s vibraphone work.

SPAT: Single Parents Alone Together.

RACHEL’S FLAT/WALKING OUT OF STRIDE is a simple piece that contrasts profound vocals in perfect key with a disjointed tale of alienation.

Deep bass roots sung over the theme for a mid-afternoon show about antique collectibles funded by insurance ads… FILE ME AWAY

An acoustic guitar and a harmonica: BDB doesn’t need much to convey major emotions despite A MINOR INCIDENT. Makes me feel proud.

BDB throws in some baroque pop played on a fuzz guitar on DELTA (LITTLE BOY BLUES) to cheers us all up for the big Christmastime finale…

Violin plays, fingers click and reindeer take flight! DONNA AND BLITZEN shines bright, drying our tears and assuring us it will be alright.

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