Relationship Of Command – At The Drive-In (2000); Track-by-Track review

Relationship of Command

Some bands are so associated with a genre they become a synecdoche for it; analogous with a pigeonholed style others hope to be.

Beatles = Merseybeat
Happy Mondays = Madchester
Blur = Britpop
Nirvana = Grunge
Vampire Weekend = Indie
My Chemical Romance = Emo

We look at the one album from the one band that truly encapsulates an entire genre of music, regardless how short lived.

The first…
The last…
The best…
The most…

Relationship of Command

(song titles in caps)

I must have read a thousand faces but none matched the intensity of the visceral and alien-visitor-esque ARCARSENAL, ‘gunnering’ us down.

Pre-pervasive net UX conundrums are explored in the IT reactionary PATTERN AGAINST USER. Clock motifs remind us of our sand-falling destiny.

If you can’t shake hands with the ONE ARMED SCISSOR you will never receive the transmission explaining what it is to love post hard core.

Obscure Lazurenus nightmares of a dystopian future are expunged in the unforgettable SLEEPWALK CAPSULES. Shouty rock at its best!

Crosstown rivalries and organic fatalism are expunged in the melodic autopsy that discloses the INVALID LITTER DEPT. Haunting Juarez video.

Dreamscape idealisation with a death-tinged end fantasy are hurdled in the enigmatic MANNEQUIN REPUBLIC. In these moments, ATDI excels.

Through a muffled microphone and an eponymous ominosity, ENFILADE launches a sequential sideswipe, a bucolic barrage at vapid ‘loudness’.

Our hero Iggy Pop provides indiscernible vocals on the panacea to dire 2000s heaviness and who-you-know pomposity, ROLODEX PROPAGANDA.

A slowdown in post hard coreiness and it’s like P.Collins is on the skins. It’s good. Vibrancy of guitars/screaming QUARANTINED in the now.

Heavier than air, lighter than gravity, louder than bombs: COSMONAUT is an interstellar voyage to the heights of post hardcore. Loveliness.

There’s a neo post hardcore feel to the piano-led final equation that results in a ZERO SUM POSSIBILITY. A final track could be a zenith.

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