2014 FIFA World Cup Cryptic Clue Challenge

The names of the 32 participating countries at the 2014 FIFA World Cup are disguised in the cryptic clues below — how many can you identify?

  1. French presidente?
  2. Their success stokes my anger
  3. Sounds like they run hot and cold
  4. Flock of seagulls’ call
  5. Crooked noose?
  6. d’ie?!
  7. TASTES?!
  8. I regain stability…
  9. …through an African’s insights
  10. Organised regalia
  11. Cigarette brand, for short
  12. Luca Toni a psycho? Looking back, a little bit
  13. Confuse mice with ox…
  14. …and Glen Quagmire
  15. You said the crow ate chow?
  16. Shape up or shake out?!
  17. Short for 7 in woven sari
  18. Hair product and backside, for Spooner
  19. Vitality disrupted with lack of ITV coverage
  20. Jokes about putting additional nifty frontmen in this team…
  21. …with a co-star I care for on the inside
  22. Centre of disagreement and the beginning of certainty
  23. Can ref fix this…
  24. …or cue ad for broadcasting?
  25. Homer says you are gay!
  26. A rain storm holds man…
  27. …while lizards went crazy
  28. Egyptian God penetrates mad hounds
  29. Oddly, pros rate us gladly
  30. Russian king fish, for Spooner
  31. Land of doves and pigeons?
  32. ‘Eh?’ Us on a broken trail, ‘eh?’

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