90s Style — Episode 03 (AFL & NRL GFs, Hiraeth, Songs that sound like microwaves)

The show started with a tribute to Lyte Funky Ones (LFO) lead singer Rich Cronin died in 2010 aged 36. Their big hit Summer Girls, which Cronin cowrote, included classic 80s and 90s references to Home Alone, Family Ties, Beastie Boys and New Edition. It is a great song and it peaked at #3 in the US in 1999.

Patrick again dug up his Year 12 diary to see what music he was liking this week in 1999:

Note that Patrick misnamed Central Reservation in the above image.
Note that Patrick misnamed Central Reservation in the above image.

Before playing two classic 1990s AFL and NRL promotions, he spoke about the upcoming Grand Final entertainments, which have a distinctive 90s flavour…

The AFL Grand Final entertainment is going to be Bryan Adams, Chris Isaak (who has previously done the NRL GF in 2004) and Ellie Goulding. Bryan has a lot of 90s credibility with four Australian #1 hits (Everything I Do, I Do It For You; Please Forgive Me; All For Love; and Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?). Chris has form too: the very smooth Somebody’s Crying hit #5 in 1995 and was the #162 song of the 1990s, while Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing had two distinctive runs in the charts: in 1995 it peaked at #27 during a 9-week run. It was then re-released after being prominently featured in Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, and this time it was even more successful, climbing all the way to #9 and enjoying 13 weeks in the Top 50. Ellie Goulding, for her part, lived during the 1990s. Over in the rugby league, the NRL has booked Cold Chisel to play its big show. Cold Chisel did okay during the 1990s: The Things I Love In You went Top 10 in 1998.

Patrick then spoke about a specifically Welsh form of nostalgia:

This next track is from the Reality Bites soundtrack and it always reminds me of my early teen years, growing up in Sydney, going to school. The Welsh have a word called ‘hiraeth’ — there is no English equivalent — and it refers to a deep pain felt when reflecting on the past, a nostalgic longing for days we’ll never get back or may not even have truly lived through. I always experience hiraeth when I hear this song, it’s deep and visceral but it’s not traumatic. This is a beautiful song and I hope you like it too.

Finally, Patrick officially announced that he will be counting down the Top 100 Songs of 2015 starting Boxing Day on a live internet radio program entitled The Hashtag PEA 1 Hundred (#P100).

Through all this, there was classic 90s tunes from Jay-Z, Dandy Warhols, King Missile and Weird Al Yankovic.

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