90s Style — Episode 04 (Cranberries, band member trivia, the full spectrum of 90s white rap)

The first part of this episode includes some riffing on how Juan Antonio Samaranch announced that Sydney had won the rights to host the 2000 Summer Olympics, a listen back to one of the most distinctive guitar hooks of the decade a listener request for a great one hit wonder from 1996.

In the main discussion of the week, Patrick talked about his longtime love affair with The Cranberries. You really should listen to it but, you know, for the deaf:

My favourite band during the mid-90s was The Cranberries. They were my transition band from the pop music of my late childhood to alternative sounds of my teenage years. They weren’t Nirvana or Soundgarden but they had an edge that I really liked, plus the gender dynamic of the band was still a bit novel, at least for me. Their first album Everybody Else is Doing It So Why Can’t We was a fantastic piece of indie melancholy, featuring the breakout hits Dreams and Linger, the latter hit #3 in the Hottest 100 of 1993. One year later, the Cranberries was suddenly the biggest band in the world: Zombie topped the Hottest 100 and they cracked the US. I remember reading Dolores O’Riorden saying she survived this period only on cigarettes and coffee. 1996 brought their third album, To The Faithful Departed, 2DayFM was so excited they played the album in full one night, unheard of for a commercial station. The band was booked to tour Australia and for my 15th birthday my Mum bought me tickets to see them at the Enmore theatre – I was going to go with David C – but tragedy struck: Dolores injured her knee diving across the stage at an earlier performance on the tour.

“I was on stage and I was pumped on the old adrenaline,” she told Canoe.com in June 1996. “I did one of those major jumps in the middle of a song and it (the artificial ligament) gave way too much. It was a case of resting it and working the muscles, and my physiotherapist was suggesting wearing a splint on stage. It wouldn’t look too cool.”

The money for the tickets was refunded and the presumption was the Berries would be back soon enough to fulfill my dream of seeing my favourite band live at one of the truly great venues. But alas, the years past and even though the Cranberries released Bury The Hatchet in 1999 and Wake Up And Smell The Coffee in 2001 it wasn’t until 11 years later, when Roses was released in 2012, that a tour finally eventuated. The Cranberries were booked to play the Enmore Theatre again on Thursday 22 March, I bought two tickets and went with my Mum. We stood on the dancefloor — Stuart MacGill was there too — and just as the mysterious aura of the febrile 90s descended on the massed 30-somethings there reliving their youth, an announcement came of the PA that the concert was cancelled and being rescheduled for the upcoming Monday.

“We want to apologise for tonight’s last minute cancellation at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney,” the band said in a statement. “It was unavoidable, and we’re very sorry. Dolores is suffering from food poisoning and was unable to perform. Right up to the last minute we were hoping the show might be able to go ahead, but Dolores was just too unwell. We know you’re all very disappointed and this has been a huge inconvenience for you. Hopefully most of you can make the re-scheduled show. Once again, we’re very, very sorry.”

I’d waited 16 years for this moment, and now I had to wait 4 more days! Mum couldn’t come the second time — she had parent/teacher interviews — so I went with my friend Matt S — Stuart MacGill was back too — and this time they did play. And it was brilliant. Let’s have a listen now to one of the best tracks from the Cranberries, dedicated to my Mum, who still hasn’t seen the Cranberries live, despite three times holding tickets to see them live!

After playing some mid-era Green Day:

Saw them live at Livid in 2000, along with the Dandy Warhols, The Cure, No Doubt, Unwritten Law, Regurgitator and, back before defecting to Nova 969, Merrick & Rosso.

And then some 90s trivia:

Which band from the featured the following members: Humphrey B Flaubert, Jock Cheese, Eugene de la Hot-Croix Bun, Jon St. Peenis, Les Miserables, Tokin’ Blackman, Genre B. Goode, Leak Van Vlalen and the great man himself, lead singer, Ron Hitler-Barassi?

Only three songs this week, though notice that Patrick spent some time that week, probably during Religion, trying to make anagrams from the names of Boyzone members.
Only three songs this week, though notice that Patrick spent some time that week, probably during Religion, trying to make anagrams from the names of Boyzone members.

And the episode closed with two songs by two very different white rap ‘troupes’.

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