Bat & Ball with Pat & Paul — Episode 01 (Chris Cairns, Matador BBQs Cup, USA cricket)

Patrick has teamed up with his friend and noted cricket tragic Paul to present a new podcast focused on cricket, with a distinctly humorous and ironic tone. The best way to listen to the new show, titled Bat & Ball with Pat & Paul (and full credit to Paul for the name: even though he is the creative force and talent behind this endeavour, he’s given Patrick the top billing), is through Bat & Ball with Pat & Paul at SoundCloud, which is embedded below. Paul and Patrick will be adding more touchpoints (iOS’s Podcasts, YouTube, Audible and more are all planned) as they go.

In the first episode, Patrick and Paul chat about the Chris Cairns trial in London, the 2015 season of the Matador BBQs One-Day Cup and the new All-Stars cricket tourney set to take North America by storm.

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