90s Style — Episode 11 (Dinner at Mum’s, The Melbourne Cup, Horsing Around in General)

After playing some more of the carry over champ Boombastic by the Mr Lover Lover himself Shaggy, Patrick spun some classic 90s tunes out of Iceland, England and California. He then took a request from his mate Tom and launched into a spiel about the 1995 Melbourne Cup…

We just heard the closing stages of the 1995 Melbourne Cup, won by Doriemus. I had $2.50 on Doriemus that day and it paid $9.50, winning me $23.50, which seemed like a lot of money to 14-year-old Patrick. I vividly remember collecting my winnings from the Neutral Bay TAB and feeling very excited. I then bumped into our neighbour John, who thought he had bet on Doriemus as well but had marked Sydney on his racing ticket instead of Melbourne. Very funny stuff: oh how we laughed at him! Older listeners will remember that after filling out your betting ticket — which was roughly the same size and shape of the current slips — you inserted it into a machine and it would print your bet on the reverse; there was no flimsy paper receipt like they use now.

I really got the Melbourne Cup bug and the next two years at school I ran a bookmaking service for the students and some teachers. Unfortunately I don’t still have a record of my exact turnover, but I remember making around $30 when Saintly won in 1996 and then over $100 when Might and Power saluted in 1997. I had quite a high liability in 1997; my fellow students had steered clear of the favourite and were betting on Linesman, Skybeau and 1995 winner Doriemus. Having survived an agonisingly close photo finish I decided to retire from varsity bookmaking after that race. Two years later, this week in 1999, Frankie Dettori rode Central Park to second behind Rogan Josh. Frankie was second again in 2015 on Max Dynamite.

I had my final HSC exams this week in 1999, and while I was not studying or watching the Melbourne Cup, I was listening to Ready 1 by Grinspoon, Heaven’s Coming Down by The Tea Party, Satisfy You by Puff Daddy and R.Kelly and this classic from a band that would go on to top the Hottest 100…

And here is that evidentiary page from Patrick’s 1999 high school diary:

Note that Patrick only wrote 'Central' instead of the horse's full name: Central Park.
Note that Patrick only wrote ‘Central’ instead of the horse’s full name: Central Park.

For the Seinfeld fans, Patrick played a supercut of all ‘What’s The Deals’ from the classic 90s sitcom:

Patrick then played some more songs, including one by Tool, before stuffing up a bit about when new music from that band will be released. He then revealed the answers to Episode 10’s 1990s Film Tagline Trivia:

Tagline Trivia Answers

  1. Protecting the earth from the scum of the universe. (Men In Black)
  2. To enter the mind of a killer she must challenge the mind of a madman. (Silence Of The Lambs)
  3. Small town. Big crime. Dead cold. (Fargo)
  4. An adventure 65 million years in the making. (Jurassic Park)
  5. He’s up past his bedtime in the city that never sleeps. (Home Alone 2: Lost In New York)
  6. Can the most famous film star in the world fall for just an ordinary guy? (Notting Hill)
  7. Hang on for the comedy that goes to infinity and beyond! (Toy Story)
  8. The mission is a man. (Saving Private Ryan)
  9. Discover the past, live the present, fight the future. (The X-Files)
  10. Drink From Me And Live Forever. (The Vampire Chronicles: Interview With The Vampire)

And Patrick closed with a special song for all the kids graduating from school this week and a horsey track to celebrate Michelle Payne winning on Prince of Penzance.

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