90s Style — Episode 14 (U2’s ZooTV Tour, Minor Celebrity Status, Another Dinner At Mum’s)


I woke up this morning a minor Sydney celebrity. A post I put up on my blog forecasting the Hottest 100 of 2015 got picked up and second handed by Pedestrian, Faster Louder, Music Feeds and august journal of repute the Sydney Morning Herald. The post is up there now and you can read it at your leisure, perhaps while listening to this show.

I also woke up this morning to the following WhatsApp message from my friend Michael in Dublin:

Hey Patrick, so I’m up to speed with the podcasts, I listened to last week’s episode last night in the gym. Very touching bit at the end! I’m now for the first time in my life going to a gym to keep up the cycling for the winter so I look forward to the podcasts. I’m going to U2 tonight so can I throw out a request for tomorrow’s episode if you can. ZooTV was the first big outdoor concert I saw in 1993 at Páirc Uí Chaoimh GAA stadium, Cork (I also saw Oasis there in 96, amazing show) so anything from the ZooTV tour (live version of anything if possible). I will not be able to hear it live as I’ll be sleeping but I’ll catch it in the next day at the gym.

When U2 started the ZooTV tour in February 1992, it was just in support of Achtung Baby. The concert Michael went to in Cork occurred on 24 August 1993. By the time U2 arrived in the antipodes for the New Zooland and Zoomerang legs of the tour, tracks from Zooropa were already being incorporated into the show. My Mum gave me Zooropa on CD for my 16th birthday. I was really sick that week with gastroenteritis: I’m not sure how listening to Bono had to do with my upset stomach.

Here are some pics Michael sent in from his big U2 gig:

IMG_6120 IMG_6121 IMG_6119

Here’s Patrick diary from this week in Year 12. School was already out for the year (and, in Patrick’s case, life) so this spread was used to write in the names all the students from Patrick’s year not to finish the six years of schooling. This writing in process occurred during a 2 Unit Economics class to which the teacher did not turn up.

Note that Patrick wrote Deejay Alice instead of Alice Deejay.

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