The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us — Beach Slang (Track-By-Track Review)

Turn up the volume and teen angst because you’re in for a heavily distorted, essentially chorus-free, underproduced 27-minute romp through Philly’s post pop-punk revival scene with Beach Slang debut LP.


THROWAWAYS is a gloriously underproduced syncopation of vocal dexterity and wall of noise percussion, flourished with an emotional drop.

Circumoral exegesis never felt so alive, nor unusual, as AJ’s perfusive vocals occlude intersalival contact and limn BAD ART & WEIRDO IDEAS.

Don’t expect amorphous divergences but welcome the variations on a pop-punk revival theme especially in the appositely titled NOISY HEAVEN.

Redolent of Gaslight Anthem’s 45, RIDE THE WILD HAZE is the most conventional of BS’s oeuvre, almost having verses, a bridge and a chorus.

TOO LATE TO DIE YOUNG should be platitudinous but the raspy mewls to fading ambition, overlaying a tender string section, is tear-welling.

I BREAK GUITARS is a classic omphalic punk concoction, full of nebulous timing, voice wasting & broken, ahem, cymbals. Glorious catastasis.

A laconic offering in the thrash metal style, YOUNG & ALIVE is an urgent scream for help, or is it just a Butter Menthol? A personal fave.

The corrupting nature of California is a tad trite but PORNO LOVE’s minor key exploration of personal failure heavenly if not heaven sent.

40-somethings will appreciate the hook and Nirvana reference in HARD LUCK KID. Guitars like a table saw: so good it could be from the 90s.

Mercifully over, after 27 minutes, before you can tire of the formula, DIRTY LIGHTS like the LP it’s from, sounds fun but also unfinished.

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