90s Style — Episode 15 (Malaise, Blair Witch Project, Fuller House)

Patrick was very ill this week so after a brief introduction to the show he pressed play on the longest running #1 in Australian music history, a standout debut indie track and the comeback of one of the biggest names in pop music history.

There was some riffing about Patrick’s lamentable singing skills in relation to Cake’s late-90s success and then the playing of the classic rhyming of ‘ma’ with ‘Arkansas’ before we heard Order Of Death (Blair Witch Remix) by Public Image Ltd.

During these tracks, a listener wrote in on the text line saying, “I want more patrick, less songs (sic)”, so Patrick, his vocal chords straining freestyled for a bit about The Blair Witch Project:

I remember seeing The Blair Witch Project with my friend Ed and two girls we knew at a midnight screening at the Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace in Cremorne. In the lead up to the film’s release, there was a stealth marketing campaign by the producers to present The Blair Witch Project not as a fiction film but as an actual piece of documentary filmmaking, a genre known as Found Film. Channel Ten aired a 30-minute ‘News’ special in the week leading up the to the film’s opening to further the conceit, and while of course I knew it was a made-up story there were plenty of others, including my friends, who were convinced it was real. Or, at least, they wanted to believe so bad they had convinced themselves it was real. The film itself is quite unnerving, with constant vacillating between colour and black and white, hand-held jerkiness and Heather constantly screaming “Josh! Josh! Josh!” throughout. It gave me a headache. In the cinema at this midnight screening, other patrons were screaming in terror and some ran out they were so frightened. The film ended up being a phenomenal success — much of this attributable to the viral nature of its marketing campaign, one of the first films to successfully accomplish this in the internet age — grossing $250 million worldwide off a $22,500 budget. The soundtrack, from which we heard Order Of Death, was described as being based on the cassette tape found in the car that the three Blair Witch hunters had abandoned outside the woods where they met their demise: even it was part of the overarching false reality.

Patrick opened up his diary to this week in 1999 and mentioned his excitement at his first payday’s arrival:


Patrick battled on manfully for the rest of the show, playing a classic track from an artist stolen from us way too soon, discussing the upcoming reboot of Full House called Fuller House and hitting play on a song by the brother of his sister’s high school headmistress. It was a great episode!

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