Launching the Complete Patrick Podcast


I’ve very excited to launch this website’s new podcast, which I have kept very much on-brand, labelling it the Complete Patrick Podcast. The first episodes already uploaded to the CPP, as I’m tentatively calling it, are my chats with various experts from my #P100 end of year online radio broadcast. This means you can now download and listen to these conversations — and all of them were excellent in my view! — without having to hear the 100 songs that were played in and around them (also means I can avoid copyright issues and get these chats on iTunes’ brilliant Podcasts platform).

You can access the Complete Patrick Podcast on Soundcloud and Apple’s Podcasts platform.

The first clutch of pods are all Best of 2015 style, and they see me talking to Tom about Rockclimbing, Pete about Films, Paul about Sport, Jerome about News, Elle about the Internet and Dan about TV.

The plan for the uncertain future is for me to upload new pods as regularly as possibly, covering topics like sport, music, TV, films and pop culture — the cornerstone issues covered here on

I hope you enjoy the pods and I welcome your feedback on ideas for new episodes!

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