90s Style — Episode 18 (Ad hoc return from summer, Dead musicians, The X-Files)

90s Style is back! Patrick took an extended summer break since A Very Special 90s Style Christmas in December, his time dominated by a new job, guesting on Triple J, reading lots of books, seeing lots of films and just generally having a bit on.

The return to 90s Style was very much an ad hoc decision, it was broadcast Thursday night at 10pm instead of Wednesday at 7pm, and was prompted by Patrick’s Irish friend wanting some more classic 90s tunes and banter to listen to on his long bike rides.

For that reason, there isn’t much in the way of supporting materials, save that Patrick played The Brady Bunch Movie film trailer because it was top of the box office in this week in 1995…


…and then rapped for a bit about how Deadpool’s crazy success this month will rejig the various studios’ marketing and release schedules for blockbusters during this traditionally arthouse, Oscar-bait season.

There was a mention of the recently erstwhile celebrity deaths, including David Bowie, Lemmy, Natalie Cole, Glenn Frey, those two dudes from Jefferson Airplane and the voice Eurovision when Patrick was a boy Terry Wogan.

Into the Year 12 diary again and now at the start but, alas, Patrick doesn’t start writing in his songs of the week until early March 1999! Still, he did for some reason note the anniversary of Rob Thomas’ birth (same day he had an English assignment due):


The episode concluded with Patrick gibbering on about his love of The X-Files, which is back on TV at the moment. Look, just click on the link above and listen to the show!

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