This Week Is Trivia Week II: Part Three (Tudor Hotel, Redfern)


So I walk into the cosy, comely, altogether delightful Tudor Hotel in Redfern last night to meet my coplayers Dan and Sarah and who do I bump into? Elise from last night! Turns out the great one backs up Tuesday night Cremorne with the same trivia on Wednesday night in Redfern.

My appearance prompted her to quickly liaise with another trivia host somewhere in Sydney to get some fresh Qs and associated As, a feat she achieved with significant alacrity, in order to enable my playing in the quiz. It was a encumbrance that she went on to mention only 600 million times through the course of the night.

The questions were different but the host and facilitating organiser were the same, so all the acclaim from the last entry holds. Conveniently, this means I can kinda phone in this entry in the blog.

Some points I will make, though, include the phenomenally sexy $200 (bar bucks) first prize! You betcha I will be back to win that little cardboard voucher. I think it was $30 for second prize: my gestalt was experiencing delirium tremens from not winning once I learned the value of first prize.

The night was won by a team on 53 points and we came third on 52.5 because a team on 52 points brought a quiver of pens with them and that somehow won them second prize ahead us.

Dan inhaled a most remarkable looking cheeseburger with relish (and that’s full pun intention), Sarah grazed on chips with lime aioli (née mayonnaise) and I enjoyed the meatballs. The food was really good! My super large bottle of sparkling mineral water was only $4! I really like this pub, Rabbitohs affiliation notwithstanding.

On the trivia front, loved working through the three countries ending in M, the four Shakespeare plays beginning with THE and the five sitcoms with beginnings but no ends. I impressed myself by figuring out the band named for change at Starbucks, Dan wowed with his knowledge of the roadrunner’s scientific name and Sarah picked Strong Enough by Cher from the opening bars.

If you’re looking for some faux thatched roof Elizabethan good times complemented with comestible food and erudite trivia, stay the fuck away: I want the $200 all to myself. And sorry again Elise.

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