Top 200 Songs Of The 2000s, Part I (200-176)

200. Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves) – Wombats (2010; This Modern Glitch; United Kingdom)

Anyone who has ever been out partying in Tokyo knows to love this song.

199. Parabol/Parabola – Tool (2002; Lateralus; United States)

Extraordinary piece of longform operatic progressive metal.

198. Airplanes – BoB & Hayley Williams (2010; Bob Presents: The Adventures Of Bobby Ray)

Soundtrack to a fantastic work trip through metro and rural China, and Hong Kong.

197. Grace Kelly – Mika (2007; Life In Cartoon Motion; United Kingdom)

I wanna talk to you…

196. Say It Right – Nelly Furtado (2006; Loose; Canada)

Sotto voce really does it for me. And who doesn’t love a good chopper entrance?

195. Don’t Forget About Us – Mariah Carey (2005; The Emancipation Of Mimi; United States)

Mariah’s best song since 1997’s Honey.

194. Side – Travis (2001; The Invisible Band; United Kingdom)

Forget about the chart hits, Travis peaked with this ode to letting go of jealousy.

193. Blood – Middle East (2009; The Recordings Of The Middle East; Australia)

Most lo-fi folk songs are terrible. This song is not.

192. Murder On The Dancefloor – Sophie Ellis-Bextor (2001; Read My Lips; United Kingdom)

Not enough DJs shout out ‘the altogether’ these days.

191. Northcote (So Hungover) – Bedroom Philosopher (2010; Songs From The 86 Tram; Australia)

Saw this dude live on my best friend’s birthday.

190. Left Outside Alone – Anastacia (2004; Anastacia; United States)

Nothing is more indicative of success for female singers than a distinctive voice.

189. Because I Got High – Afroman (2001; Because I Got High; United States)

Very, very funny song, so it’s the exact opposite of every Kevin Smith film.

188. Paper Planes – MIA (2007; Kala; United Kingdom)

I watched five minutes of MIA at Big Day Out. It was appalling. Still a good song.

186. Get Busy – Sean Paul (2002; Dutty Rock; Jamaica)

The world’s short lived interest in dancehall music was only worthwhile for spawning this party classic.

185. No Cars Go – Arcade Fire (2007; Neon Bible; Canada)

One of the best uses of a piano accordion, or squeezebox, during the 2000s

184. The Fallen – Franz Ferdinand (2006; You Could Have It So Much Better; United Kingdom)

I once convinced a friend that Franz Ferdinand was a DJ remixing speeches by the actual archduke.

183. Ridin’ – Chamillionaire & Krayzie Bone (2006; The Sound Of Revenge; United States)

If you listen to this song loudly while walking down the street, the sound effects at the end will make you think there’s been a car crash.

182. All Summer Long – Kid Rock (2008; Rock n Roll Jesus; United States)

Before Glee mashed up songs, Kid Rock combined a song about London with one about Alabama to product this ode to Michigan.

181. Don’t Cha – Pussycat Dolls & Busta Rhymes (2005; PCD; United States)

The red head has great hair.

180. Wavin’ Flag (2010 FIFA World Cup Remix) – K’Naan (2010; Troubadour; Somalia)

You had to love this song to survive the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

179. Have A Nice Day – Stereophonics (2001; Just Enough Education To Perform; United Kingdom)

Comfortably the best song about the wonders of San Francisco. Or at least Pier 39.

178. I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor – Arctic Monkeys (2005; Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not; United Kingdom)

Believe the hype.

177. 1985 – Bowling For Soup (2004; A Hangover You Don’t Deserve; United States)

Who is the other guy that’s singing in Van Halen?

176. Black Fingernails, Red Wine – Eskimo Joe (2006; Black Fingernails, Red Wine; Australia)

They made two videos for this cracking track. Here is one of them.

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