Top 200 Songs Of The 2000s, Part II (175-151)

175. Suburban War – Arcade Fire (2010; The Suburbs; Canada/United States)

I perceive this track as the spiritual successor to 1979.

174. We Both Go Down Together – Decemberists (2005; Picaresque; United States)

I listened to this song a lot while playing pool by myself.

173. Electric Feel – MGMT (2008, Oracular Spectacular; United States)

I love this video: it looks like they are smearing seminal fluid on each other.

172. Gold Digger – Kanye West & Jamie Foxx (2005; Late Registration; United States)

I do a wicked version of Foxx’s intro to this song.

171. Apologize – Timbaland & OneRepublic (2007; Shock Value; United States)

Funny that Timbaland has top billing on this song considering he is just remixing it.

170. Northern Downpour – Panic! At The Disco (2008; Pretty. Odd.; United States)

Thoroughly Manchester vibe to this little ditty.

169. Nine In The Afternoon – Panic! At The Disco (2008; Pretty. Odd.; United States)

First song in which the panic at the disco was no longer exclaimed but I can’t abide that shit.

168. Violet Hill – Coldplay (2008; Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends; United Kingdom)

You need to walk to the sequoias in winter at Yosemite to truly appreciate this song. Or visit Violet Hill. I’ve done both.

167. Gravel Pit – Wu-Tang Clan (2001; The W; United States)

Look out for ODB in the prehistoric prison.

166. Clothes Off!! – Gym Class Heroes & Patrick Stump (2007; As Cruel As Schoolchildren; United States)

Best dance moves in music video history at 3:00.

165. Lisztomania – Phoenix (2009; Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix; France)

According to Wikipedia, Lisztomania is “characterised by intense levels of hysteria demonstrated by fans” of Franz Liszt.

164. Halo – Beyoncé (2009; I Am… Sasha Fierce; United States)

Mondegreen: I thought she was singing “do you hate love, do you hate love”.

163. Crazy – Gnarls Barkley (2006; St Elsewhere; United States)

The first song to top the UK Singles Chart based solely on digital sales.

162. Sick Cycle Carousel – Lifehouse (2001; No Name Face; United States)

Mondegreen: I though he was singing “till I step down from this fuck up”.

161. You Are My Joy – Reindeer Section (2002; Son Of Evil Reindeer; United Kingdom)

Included in a very moving scene from the fourth season of Queer As Folk.

160. Get Us Home – Panics (2007; Cruel Guards; Australia)

This song resonates because I get homesick.

159. Go Slow Girl – Stella One Eleven (2001; In Your Hands; Australia)

This song was actually written about a boy.

158. White Unicorn – Wolfmother (2005; Wolfmother; Australia)

This song reminds me of a boy who used to wear a lot of Ralph Lauren, which is actually a white horse.

157. Papillon – Editors (2009; In This Light And On This Evening; United Kingdom)

Much, much better than the Mariah Carey song Butterfly.

156. Clint Eastwood – Gorillaz (2001; Gorillaz; United Kingdom)

The song that started it all — have the kids even heard of Blur?

155. The Leaving Song Pt II – AFI (2003; Sing The Sorrow; United States)

I have never heard Pt I. Unsure if there is one.

154. SexyBack – Justin Timberlake (2006; FutureSex/LoveSounds; United States)

The soundtrack to my junior year at college.

153. We Used To Vacation – Cold War Kids (2006; Robbers & Cowards; United States)

A song for anyone who has ever fallen off a wagon.

152. Viva La Vida – Coldplay (2008; Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends; United Kingdom)

I promised myself I would stop liking Coldplay. Then I heard this.

151. Caring Is Creepy – Shins (2001; Oh, Inverted World; United States)

And it is.

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