Top 200 Songs Of The 2000s, Part IV (125-101)

125. Jesus Of Suburbia – Green Day (2005; American Idiot; United States)

The equal longest song to chart in a Hottest 100, with Runaway by Kanye et al.

124. An End Has A Start – Editors (2007; An End Has A Start; United Kingdom)

On a serious note, it is true that we came on our own.

123. “The Take Over, The Breaks Over” – Fall Out Boy (2007; Infinity On High; United States)

I love stylised song titles – those quotation marks are full tapping intention.

122. Dani California – Red Hot Chili Peppers (2006; Stadium Arcadium; United States)

The Chili Peppers namecheck American states a lot.

121. Take Me Out – Franz Ferdinand (2004; Franz Ferdinand; United Kingdom)

Fantastic use of wall of sound and a great band for Snow Patrol to make a career out of copying.

120. Scorpio Rising – Death In Vegas & Liam Gallagher (2002; Scorpio Rising; United Kingdom)

Come along fast or come along dead.

119. Help I’m Alive – Metric (2008; Fantasies; Canada)

Extraordinary sentiment to experience via superloud headphones.

118. Over & Out – Superjesus (2003; Rock Music; Australia)

And it really was a case of over and out for any quality output from these South Australians.

117. Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors – Editors (2007; An End Has A Start; United Kingdom)

One of the best first lines in the history of music. Or at least during the 2000s. Great wall of sound too.

116. Ignition (Remix) – R Kelly (2003; Chocolate Factory; United States)

Do not confuse this song with Ignition, which is the track preceding it on the album.

115. High – James Blunt (2004; Back To Bedlam; United Kingdom)

His name is rhyming slang, right?

114. White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes (2008; Fleet Foxes; United States)

Mellifluous and melancholy, redolent of red seeping through the snow. And Michaels.

113. Use Somebody – Kings Of Leon (2008; Only By The Night; United States)

Absolutely cracking music video – one of the best of the decades.

112. Fight Music – D12 (2001; Devil’s Night; United States)

Remember when Eminem was still a struggling white rapper desperate for credibility?

111. Run – Snow Patrol (2004; Final Straw; United Kingdom)

Good band to remember when asked about Northern Irish music. Don’t ever listen to the cover.

110. Hard To Explain – Strokes (2001; Is This It; United States)

Song about taking the train.

109. Kid You’re A Dreamer – Panics (2003; A House On A Street In A Town I’m From; Australia)

I never did find out what that kid was hiding.

108. Hey, Soul Sister – Train (2010; Save Me, San Francisco; United States)

Songs by Train are either absolutely brilliant or absolutely rubbish.

107. 5 Years Time – Noah And The Whale (2007; Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down; United Kingdom)

In my experience, sometimes five years isn’t enough.

106. Mad World – Michael Andrews & Gary Jules (2001; Donnie Darko; United States)

This is a song for people who think Glee invented the cover.

105. 60 Miles An Hour – New Order (2001; Get Ready; United Kingdom)

I’ve always thought that surely he could have driven faster than 96 kilometres an hour.

104. In The Morning – Razorlight (2006; Razorlight; United Kingdom)

I’m pretty sure this song is about roofies.

103. Winter’s Memory Of Summer – Delays (2006; You See Colours; United Kingdom)

It was very, very hot that summer. But not everything was warm.

102. Fistful Of Love – Antony & The Johnsons (2005; I Am A Bird Now; United Kingdom)

The perfect mix of spoken word, sung lyrics and tears cried.

101. Broken Leg – Bluejuice (2009; Head Of The Hawk; Australia)

A song for boys who like girls with smarts.

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