Top 200 Songs Of The 2000s, Part VI (75-51)

75. Fall At Your Feet – Boy & Bear (2010; He Will Have His Way; Australia)

I would prefer it if this song was sexier, but I’ll make do with lovelier.

74. Yeah! – Usher, Lil Jon & Ludacris (2004; Confessions; United States)

No party is complete until you hear the famous first bars of this dancefloor filler.

73. Welcome To The Black Parade – My Chemical Romance (2006; The Black Parade; United States)

Now that hipster culture is in, emo culture was brilliant in hindsight.

72. Little Wonders – Rob Thomas (2007; Meet The Robinsons; United States)

I try to remember all the small moments because we have the internet to remember the big.

71. I Miss You – Blink-182 (2004; Blink-182; United States)

A Valentine’s Day song better suited to Halloween.

70. Like An Unwelcome Guest – Panics (2005; Sleeps Like A Curse; Australia)

The essence of both young love and Australianess is captured in this incredible track.

69. Are You Magnetic? – Faker (2008; Be The Twilight; Australia)

Too many people check their phones hoping someone more interesting wants their attention.

68. Umbrella – Rihanna & Jay-Z (2007; Good Girl Gone Bad; Barbados/United States)

A very topical Global Financial Crisis song, with the rain coming down like the Dow Jones.

67. One Armed Scissor – At The Drive-In (2001; Relationship Of Command; United States/Puerto Rico/Lebanon)

I don’t generally like singers shouting into the microphone, BUT THESE GUYS PULL IT OFF WITH ALACRITY.

66. Australia – Shins (2007; Wincing The Night Away; United States)

Absolutely nothing about this song or video has anything to do with Australia, though there is mention of defenstration.

65. Somewhere Only We Know – Keane (2004; Hopes And Fears; United Kingdom)

Apparently the girl wasn’t as keen as the boy.

64. Oxford Comma – Vampire Weekend (2008; Vampire Weekend; United States)

Rule of thumb for the Oxford comma is opposite to the apostrophe: if in doubt, do.

63. Amazing – Alex Lloyd (2001; Watching Angels Mend; Australia)

The person that this song has always reminded me of is now a member of parliament.

62. Wolf Like Me – TV On The Radio (2006; Return To Cookie Mountain; United States)

One of many songs about the wolf, which is my spirit animals, that I like.

61. Drive – Incubus (2001; Make Yourself; United States)

I can’t work whether there’s a metaphor in this song or whether it is actually about drink driving.

60. Bones – Killers (2006; Sam’s Town; United States)

I first heard this song in a car while driving to Melbourne. Great video.

59. Easy To Love – Jezabels (2009; She’s So Hard EP; Australia)

A sentiment we all feel from time to time.

58. Mardy Bum – Arctic Monkeys (2006; Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not; United Kingdom)

If there’s one thing worse than missing a train, it’s getting into a fight about it.

57. Boys In The Band – Libertines (2002; Up The Bracket; United Kingdom)

I want to listen this song while driving in a limo around Las Vegas.

56. There Is No Such Place – Augie March (2001; Sunset Studies; Australia)

Augie March took its name from a novel, so I took the name of this song for a short story.

55. Godhopping – Dogs Die In Hot Cars (2004; Please Describe Yourself; United Kingdom)

The irony of this song is that it would make for a good singalong for the happy clappers.

54. Not Afraid – Eminem (2010; Recovery; United States)

Before the Naughties I was afraid of rap music.

53. Starlight – Muse (2006; Black Holes And Revelations; United Kingdom)

I love a good, sharp hook at the start of a song.

52. Sex On Fire – Kings Of Leon (2009; Only By The Night; United States)

I’m still not completely sure what happens when sex catches fire.

51. Scar – Missy Higgins (2004; The Sound Of White; Australia)

I have a scar on my leg. It was not left by an ex-lover.

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