Vertical Hold — Episode 89 (Google Duo, Telstra’s goodies, Sutpo’s EPL #bigfail)


I like to call it Sutpo because its coverage of the English Premier League is taking sports viewership backwards. The legendary Adam Turner invited me back onto his excellent technology podcast Vertical Hold this week to chat about the opening weekend of fixtures to be broadcast by Sutpo, including Arsenal’s humiliation to Liverpool and the iPad-smashing frustration of dropouts during Manchester United’s sucessful visit to Bournemouth.

Also on the show was Daniel Tyson from Ausdroid. He had the inside running on Google Duo, a new minimalist video chat app from our colourful technology overlords. There is also some gibber about Telstra’s new data and streaming content giveaways being used to lure customers away from its rivals.

Adam is on Twitter right here, while Daniel’s presence is at this link and you should subscribe to Vertical Hold on iTunes and listen to the most recent episode by tapping the below media!


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