Top 100 Songs of 2016 – #P100 – Starts Boxing Day! (updated)



The #P100 is a protean concept, one that morphs and changes shape with my capricious whims. Sometimes its a Year in Review, others its a series of Tweets, last year it was a 10-hour podcast. This year, my plan is to release my Top 16 thingies (sans songs) of the year in daily instalments — ie #16, #15, #14 through to #1 on New Year’s Eve — starting on 16 December 2016. There might also be a full Year in Review and a podcast playing out of the Top 100 Songs of 2016 (I’m making this up as I go). Regardless of its eventual format the Top 100 Songs of 2016 will be counted down starting Boxing Day on my Twitter channel.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! At least it is for me! Once again I will be looking back on the year that was in an epic podcast covering the best in films, TV, sport, news, humanity, rockclimbing, books, memes and plenty more besides. At the heart of this review will be my analysis of 2016 in music, including the best albums, gigs and, the centrepiece of this endeavour, the #P100 – The Top 100 Songs of 2016.

As always, the countdown will start on Boxing Day and progress through the holiday week until #1 is revealed on New Year’s Eve. You can follow the countdown live by listening in to its live broadcast (details and links to come), on Twitter or right here at this blog. Maybe Facebook too: it’s hard to predict.

If you’re an expert on something and would like to be a guest on my 2016 Year In Review podcast to chat about it – and expert is a strong term, you simply need to be passionate and have a good working knowledge – please feel free to shoot me an email outlining your interest(s). Aside from the more traditional list subjects mentioned above, I tend to go a touch outre with this, awarding gongs for best food, best lists of lists, best Tweets and other stuff I make up as I go along.

If you click on the following links you can check out 2016’s mega podcast, Year In Review and #P100. That should provide a fairly good idea of what it’s all about; although I do like to constantly innovate and adopt to the latest emerging trends. To that end, I will be compiling this year’s iteration in a Ken Bone outfit.

I look forward to creating and broadcasting my Top 100 Songs all year and while I accept it is self-indulgent I do everything possible to make it as entertaining and as accessible as possible, while retaining my trademark flair, eccentricity and intellectualism. I hope you will check back in from Boxing Day to enjoy it with me!

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