Intel Rap (Nehalum [sic] Remix)


On 3 June 2009, Intel launched a new internal thingamajig in their PCs called i7. One of the key components of this was a doohickey called Turbo Boost. To celebrate, they hosted Australia’s premier technology journalists and Patrick at Tetsuya’s! The staff showed incredible forbearance, adapting all 13 courses in the degustation to suit Patrick’s broad and deep dietary requirements. The matching wine courses were unaffected and thoroughly imbibed.

As part of the launch efforts for this super duper internal wiring system, which had the working title Nehalem, Intel’s local PR agency, the venerable folk at Spectrum Communications, conducted a creative quest to get the myriad hacks excited about the launch. The competition was to express the computational benefits of i7, superlative they no doubt were, in a creative format. Naturally, Patrick chose rap. The prize for the best entry was an ASUS notebook PC stuffed to the brim with i7 and bursting at the seams with Turbo Boostability. Patrick’s rap persona St Patriq took home the bikkies (Spectrum even allowed for Patrick misspelling the working title in his entry)!

Here it is, the winning entry, Intel Rap (Nehalum [sic] Remix)…

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