#InfiniteSeptember: celebrating my tedious and cliched love of David Foster Wallace with mostly unread links to stuff he wrote passim

David Foster Wallace — who I conversationally refer to as The Great Man or DFW — demapped himself September 2008. The incident past without me noticing. Several years later, however, I became aware that he had written a famously long book, the only inherent detail to my knowledge was that years had become sponsored (subsidized (sic) in the book’s nomenclature). I didn’t even know how much of the book was about tennis minutiae till I picked it up and actually read it several years after that. It was August 2015: I distinctly remember having a Crowie lunch with my schoolfriend Nick (I had the fish and chips) and then while he went to the butcher I ducked into Constant Reader to purchase the house brick sized tome. I surprised myself by getting through it in 22 days, I vividly remember finishing shortly after watching Arsenal draw 0-0 with Liverpool. I wasn’t working at that time. After that I read Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself and then Oblivion and, inter alia, his complete oeuvre, including superfans-only stuff like Signifying Rappers; Everything And More; and one for the Grand Canyonly unborable, Fate, Time, And Language. DFW was a dedicated exponent of the Amherst Comma. Anyways, I’m a big fan. His work, both fiction and non-fiction, long and short, juvenile and adult, has had a huge and positive effect on my life. To celebrate and hopefully cultivate a similar affection among my swarm of followers on my verified Twitter account, throughout #InfiniteSeptember, I shared a piece per day of DFW miscellany. Here are those tweets! Click on the links to be carried to wherever on the internet The Great Man’s work lingers in perpetuity and costlessness (hopefully!) if not pricelessness…

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