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Patrick Avenell is a Sydney-based journalist, writer and broadcaster. His work has appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, Time Out, Australian Gourmet Traveler, Foxtel Magazine and a German appliance newspaper that never paid his invoice, among many others. For seven years he was a journalist, editor and managing editor of Australia’s leading consumer electronics industry magazine and website.

In addition to his journalism, Patrick was a 3-night carryover champion on Wheel of Fortune in 2003; an Australian National University public speaking, chess and pool champion (though never at the same time); and a Buzz Aldrin meeter. He has read Infinite Jest from cover to cover (twice).

Widely considered the foremost authority on Triple J’s Hottest 100, Patrick is also a committed follower of the Australian, UK and US music charts, and has heard every song that has ever appeared in the ARIA Top 50 Singles Chart at least once.

When not cheering on Arsenal at 3am or completing a David Astle crossword at Balmoral, Patrick can normally be heard singing along to his favourite bands, The Panics, The Smiths, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Modest Mouse and Cold War Kids. For some reason even he struggles to comprehend, Patrick owns five (5) Ben Lee albums. At a karaoke night at uni he accidentally requested Sometimes by Britney Spears (which is an anagram of Presbyterians) instead of Song 2 by Blur and his performance was absolutely terrible — you did not want to hear that one.

Patrick is available for freelance and more permanent writing tasks, podcast guesting, consulting work, editing and management. He specialises in technology, sport, music, film, literature, American history and politics, and cults of personality. He’s the type of journo you can ask for 5,000 words from and he’ll get in a cab and say “Wet ‘n’ Wild please, and step on it!”

Take some time out to enjoy Patrick’s weekly nostalgia hour 90s Style, his cricket podcast Bat & Ball With Pat & Paul or his award winning creative writing. A lot of the crazier stuff on here is meant to be ironic!

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