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2003 Year In Review

Written 31 December 2003. I can’t believe I gave Peter Jackson 10 hours of my life. What a year! 2003. Who amongst you managed to win a goal kicking competition and a TV gameshow in the same week? Who amongst you decided to give themselves a 25% discount at Grace Bros and, when the sales … Continue reading

I Gotta Problem

Written c. 2003. (CP: From the as yet unproduced musical RapCity.) I gotta problem that needs some fixin, I got tracks that need remixin, I gotta video that needs to be made, And I got dancers that want to be paid. I gotta problem that needs some relievin’, I got bosses too, they’re seethin’, All … Continue reading

Disconcerted By Concerts

Written c. November 2003. There used to be a time when you could pay a small fortune to escape to a world where rules and etiquette were abandoned for a momentary lapse of reason. The purchasing of a concert ticket was your boarding pass to an Elysium where commonsense was lost and the gauche could … Continue reading