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This Week Is Trivia Week, Part III

Written 16 September 2004. Wednesday 6:00PM Trumps Tavern, Sydney CBD The Trumps Tavern trivia night is an amalgam of low-brow questions, easy questions that are described as hard and hard questions that are just guesses. I’m not a huge fan of the host, G, because he once made a mistake that cost my team victory … Continue reading

This Week Is Trivia Week, Part I

Written 14 September 2004. Monday 7:00PM Union Hotel, Crows Nest This was the first time I had been to this trivia night and I was obviously apprehensive. One never knows how professionally the questions will be written and presented and how good the format will be. It’s very much an experience without research process for … Continue reading

This Week Is Trivia Week, Part IV

Written 17 September 2004. Thursday 8:30PM Forresters, Surry Hills When I first heard about Skip I was told that he was a good kid; the most charismatic trivia host in Sydney. I had a picture of him in my mind – never thought I could be so wrong. I imagined a 25-30 Italian boy with … Continue reading

2004 Year In Review

Written 31 December 2004. A man is exposed completely on a chessboard. The simple man will play poorly, exacting happiness in the smallest of achievements as they would in life. The clever might last longer on those chequered squares, perhaps even producing an endgame. But as in life, chess is a game for the complex … Continue reading

2004 Christmas Message

Written 24 December 2004. Never before has Christmas been such a pointless exercise. This festive celebration of marketing that once captivated a youthful gent has become an odorous smorgasbord of hackneyed messages, mostly revolving around expensive MP3 players, culminating in a day that serves only to remind us how irritating our families are. Bah humbug … Continue reading