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2009 Year In Review

Written 31 December 2009. Hello and welcome to Survivor: Year in Review. I’m your host Jeff Probst, with me are the 19 castaways I’ve shacked up with from previous seasons. About to join me in Coital Council is the 20th member of that elite group. We’ve seen some impressive Years in Review since Jesus invented … Continue reading

Overseas Song Watch (New York City, United States)

Written 29 January 2009. I have to run down some internet credit I bought before leaving for London tomorrow, so here is a list of all the Australian songs I’ve heard on my travels: Truly Madly Deeply (Savage Garden): Union Square ice rink, SF Overkill (Colin Hay): Union Square ice rink, SF Don’t Dream It’s … Continue reading

Michael Jackson: Common Name, Uncommon Life

Written 15 July 2009. Hello Grievers, It’s now been 19 days since Michael Jackson’s aborted attempt to recreate the more confronting scenes in Trainspotting, and not much has been written about his life, his death and his legacy. One thing I have learnt from the scant coverage is this man was not an eccentric freak, … Continue reading