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New Seven Wonders of the World…

This task was set by Matthew. Here are the parameters: They must still stand, so that rules out six of the original seven. They need not be old, but assume that your list is going to be read in several centuries, so anything new has to already promise timelessness. One way of deciding: if Egypt … Continue reading

Overseas Song Watch (New York City, United States)

Written 29 January 2009. I have to run down some internet credit I bought before leaving for London tomorrow, so here is a list of all the Australian songs I’ve heard on my travels: Truly Madly Deeply (Savage Garden): Union Square ice rink, SF Overkill (Colin Hay): Union Square ice rink, SF Don’t Dream It’s … Continue reading

On The Rhodes (Durban, South Africa)

Written 13 June 2010. It was a slow day and the sun was beating on the soldiers by the side of the road, and there are a lot of them in Africa. Machine guns are like iPods to the African populace, with ammunition the bread of this continent. Guns before butter is never more truer than in Zimbabwe, where tourists are … Continue reading