This Is Easy When You’re Big In Japan (Osaka, Japan)

Written 10 September 2010. Hello Westerners, We'll start in Australia: as many of you will be aware I have transcended from being in the state of travelling business class to actually being business class. I expect certain things: a comfortable seat with plenty of legroom, an a la carte meal (I like to order entrees), … Continue reading This Is Easy When You’re Big In Japan (Osaka, Japan)

Chinese (Redacted) by Guns N Roses (Shunde, China)

Written 19 October 2009. Hello Westerners, Greetings from the Orient! In a gesture of respect and grace to the local authorities, I have decided to redact most of this letter myself you'll have to guess at what the missing words and phrases were. I am in Shunde, the whitegoods manufacturing capital of the Guangdong prefacture, … Continue reading Chinese (Redacted) by Guns N Roses (Shunde, China)